Hydraulic Agri Fluid SAE 10w30




Specifications, Performance Standards

A high quality, multifunctional, extreme pressure fluid to meet the service top-up and refill needs of transmissions, final drives, hydraulic and power-steering systems and fluid immersed disc brakes of virtually all farm and industrial tractors and mobile equipment, especially where many components must be satisfied with a fluid from a common source. Megatron Hydraulic Agrifluid UTTO has a viscosity grading of SAE 10W-30 engine oil along with a high viscosity index to minimise viscosity changes with changing temperatures. It is extremely stable even in severe high-temperature torque-converter use and has excellent anti-wear properties. Frictional properties are designed to assure proper, decisive functioning of multi-disc clutches used in some transmission designs requiring a limited slip function and in oil immersed disc brakes.

Megatron Hydraulic Agrifluid UTTO is recommended for transmissions, hydraulic systems, final drives and power steering systems and fluid immersed disc brakes in agricultural and industrial tractors and similar equipment. It is also recommended for hydrostatic drives in contractor and industrial equipment. Whilst it is suitable for topping up tractor transmissions and torque converters where A, Suffix A, DEXRON, Type and Type F Fluids are recommended, it should not be used for passenger car automatic transmissions

• Maximum protection against wear and corrosion
• Good anti-chatter in wet brake systems
• Excellent oxidation stability
• Compatibility with seals and elastomer materials in tractors

• John Deere : JDM J20C/J20D
• CNH : MAT 3525 (“134-D” fluid)
• Massey Ferguson : CMS M1141, CMS M1143
• VCE : WB 101
• ZF : TE-ML-03E & TE-ML-05F

Typical Physical Characteristics
SAE No. 10W-30
Viscosity, cSt @ 400C 66.0
Viscosity, cSt @ 1000C 10.7
Viscosity Index 146
Flash Point, 0C 224
Pour Point, 0C -36
Total Base No., mg KOH/g 8.3
The values of the specifications shown in this table are typical values given as an indication only.  
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